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Have you found yourself calling and calling, going around and around in circles and to all the 3rd world countries and not speaking to someone who's first language is English?

Then your probably about to give up and Switch provider? Sorry I've got some bad news, If your fault is on the BT line, all you will do is just take your current fault to the new provider and start the whole process from the beginning. As your line will stay the same you'll just be connected to someone else's equipment at the exchange. And then with you new provider will have a new set of options and some more brain numbing hold music that will eventually get on your nerves.

How do I Know all this I hear you ask? I use to be a Senior 3rd line Telephone and Broadband faults specialist call advisor for TalkTalk, so I know my stuff and I know where you are coming from because when/if you get to someone in the UK it could of been someone like me you will shout at!!

So what do you do now?

  1. Read my Self Help guide
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    If you feel that this isn't going to help or it's not making sense try option 2.
  2. Live near Merseyside?
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    I am an independent engineer in Merseyside and its surrounding areas, from £20 I can come into your home and identify the fault and advise if its internal or external. Internal fault I will price to fix and if its simple I will fix as part of the callout charge. If its external I will give you the technical information to pass on to your provider or I can take ownership of your fault and contact your provider on your behalf.
  3. Buy some email support.
    If your not getting your questions answered by your provider and need expert advise. The first contact email after your order is received is not charged for. You will only be charged for the expert replies to your questions.
    Simple issues can be dealt with in a couple of emails and support starting from £4.99 this service may be the what your looking for.
    Email support options
  4. Buy some talk time with me
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    Time is money and you have probably wasted a lot of your time before  you found my site. Buy one of the four options below and I will call you at a day and time that suits us both.
    1. There till the end - buy this option and no mater how long it takes I will help you get a resolve over the phone.
    2. Buy an hour - complicated faults or zero technical knowledge at your end will most likely need an hour. If the call is going to more than an hour your have the choice to buy option 1.5 to upgrade to option 1
    3. Buy half an hour - If your technical minded and just need to speak to some one with an English accent then this ones for you. you can upgrade using options 2.5 for Buy an hour or 1.5 for There till the end
    4. Buy 15 minutes - if you need a quick chat just to explain your problem and get some advice on going forward with your fault then this one is for you. Again upgrades are available, option 3.5, 2.5 & 1.5.
  5. Options
    Your Contact Number & Some times and dates I can call you.