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Telephone line Fault Finding

Home Telephone services or Small Business Telecoms Network.

If you have a Phone Line Fault you are at the right place. All Internal Telephone & Wiring Faults resolved, Guaranteed.

  • Crackling on Line

  • Noisy Line

  • No Dial Tone

  • Phone Rings Once

  • Phone Not Ringing 

  • Continuously rings

  • Phone Cuts Off

  • Constantly engaged

If your Telephone Line Fault is not listed, don't worry, these are just some of the most common ones

Telephone Line Fault Finding & Repair
It is your service providers responsibility to maintain your phone line wiring up to your master socket (Test Socket). From the telephone master socket inwards it is your responsibility to maintain and repair.

I can diagnose any Phone Line Fault on your home Phone Line Service and Repair or replace any of your Sockets and wiring.

If its listed but it's related to our services just ask I can probably help!

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