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Pre-Filtered Sockets

Otherwise known as an NTE2000, this addition can only be fitted to a NTE Line Box and is used to remove the use of a protruding jack filter or a dangling filter.

NTE Socket with a NTE2000 Faceplate  

NTE Socket with a NTE2000 Faceplate 

NTE Master Socket LJU Master Socket

NTE Socket

None NTE Socket

Protruding Filter  Dangling filter 

Protruding Filter

Dangling filter

The pre-filtered face plate also removes the need to have filters in your extension sockets, please note if your router is not connected to your NTE master socket and is currently in an extension socket the this addition will not be suitable for your home as it will stop the broadband signal reaching that socket. You can request to have your master socket relocated to where your router is located. Contact me for more information.


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