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Network Installs

I offer advice to homes and small businesses about maintaining existing networks and the installation of new networks. Through installing an network you can improve the efficiency of your home or business by making the most of your resources and sharing them amongst your family or staff. This includes facilities such as media streaming, email, printers, calendars and diaries which may improve individual and collective time management and increase efficiency.

When considering your home or office network I will help you to think about the most appropriate system for your needs. For example, local area networks (LANs) in offices may be a simple way for you to share a printer, but which is the best way to set up this type of network? I offer advice on:

I can also offer advice on connecting to the internet, using a server for file sharing or NAS (Network Attached Storage) and intranet for your network. I can advise, supply, install and configure to your requirements and offer advice on group policy and active directory for windows servers.

If anything has gone wrong with your existing network, I can attend to find the fault and make necessary repairs to get your business functioning again as quickly as possible.

If its listed but it's related to our services just ask I can probably help!