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Relocating your Master Socket


Can I get my BT Socket moved by someone other than BT Openreach?

I get asked this questiion repeatedly. Can I move my Master BT Socket? and Is it legal to move the main socket?

There is no law regarding your master BT socket. Just a contract.

When your master socket was originally installed, sometimes in the hallway no where near a power socket or in such a ridiculous place, you will want to move it.
In new builds the wiring has been installed by the builder or electrician, with no thought to the end users requirements.

As the house owner/tenant you can have it where you want it. No one can tell you different, it’s your house.
The contract in place is to protect the supplier from bad installation practices, It does not protect you.
In regards to the original BT installation, that was to suit the person before you.

Do you want to move your master BT socket? This is no problem, BTfix's works are to a very high standard and completed to your specific requirements. (BTfix use only Genuine BT Openreach cables and Parts). I would not recommend trying to complete this task yourself or using someone who does not regually work in this field of work.
As all work needs to be competently installed and will not interfere with your service, causing unnecessary call outs. Inadaquate installations will incur a charge from BT openreach if you have a future fault. BTfix offer a stressless test to ensure you fault is not internal.Alltough BT openreach are responsible for the service upto your master socket, you are liable for any damage caused to cabling within the boundrys of your property. So if you damage your drop cable on your outside wall you will be charged by BT Openreach via your provider, BTfix can make these repairs.

BT boundary for your wiring responsibility

The picture below, taken from the Opennreach website clearly shows the way they see your contract. It states:
BT Openreach Property Boundry Area
BT Home Improvement Service – information and charges
We won’t be able to tell you if there’s a charge
until after an engineer visits your premises.
It’s free of charge if the problem is with our network
outside the boundary of your premises.
(don't forget to do a stressless test before BT Openreach attend)