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I-plate installs

The iPlate (interstitial plate) BT has boosted the speed of home ADSL connections can be increased by a staggering 63%.


How does it work?

The iPlate essentially dispenses with the bell wire – the wire that used to make old phones make that glorious, old-school ringing noise. Modern phones don’t need the bell wire, meaning it now does nothing more than inconveniently act as a conductor for any electrical interference in your home. Dodgy light fittings, central heating, microwave ovens, the old telly used by the family next door: all of them can generate electrical interference, creating “noise” on your line and subsequently hampering broadband speeds.

Will it work for you?

There’s no guarantee, All I can report is our anecdotal evidence, which is very encouraging indeed, but others may get little or no improvement at all. claims that seven out of ten homes are likely to benefit from the device.
BT claims its trials showed speed increases of up to 3Mb/sec, with an average improvement of 1.5Mb/sec.
The iPlate is very good for people who have their router plugged into an extension socket, rather than the NTE5 master socket.

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